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Providing the Highest Quality Sea Cucumber, Online and Locally
We are a family-owned business that has been serving California since 1990.
As an online Sea Cucumber Store, we strive to provide our customers with the highest-quality sea cucumber available and we guarantee everything we sell. Sea Cucumber For Sale
Our experience guarantees your satisfaction.
We carry a wide variety of seafood online, from the standard fare to the exotic and difficult-to-find.
Our knowledgeable seafood experts are willing and able to assist you with questions about our dried sea cucumber online, including cooking or preparing your seafood.
We truly appreciate each and every customer and we are committed to providing our customers with excellent service.

We have been in business near the Los Angeles area for more than 25 years. Our main specialty is Sea Cucumbers, however, we also carry many other products as well.

Products varies from Mushrooms to Jelly Fish. Here are just some of the items that we carry: Sea Cucumber For Sale

* Sea Cucumber Meats
* Canned Abalones

  • * SeaHorse
  • Cattle Gallstone
    * Fins
    * Jelly Fish
    * Jelly Fish Head
    * Dry Chili
    * Sushi Ginger
    * Black Fungus
    * Dried Garlic Slice or Miniced
    * Dried Mushroom
    * Pine Nuts
    * And many others…..

We are interested in supplying and acquiring various types of Sea Cucumbers. Therefore, either you are intending to buy or sell, we can accommodate all of your business needs.

We offer both dried and frozen Sea Cucumbers from all around the world. Just to name a few, Asia, South America, Central American, North America, and Africa. We have a variety of sizes and types of Sea Cucumbers that meets many vast different demands. Our Sea Cucumbers are pre-selected with the highest standards; therefore, our qualities will be the best in the industry.

The majority of our suppliers and customers have been with us for more than decades. Our vision is to conduct business on a long term base. We wish to build long term relationships rather than just make a one-time transaction.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality products and selections, with superior service to earn mutual relationships for many years to come.

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